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Leeli + Lou


Leeli + Lou - Social Media

​March 2014


Worked with new Cincinnati shop Leeli + Lou to set up their social media, including Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places. Crafted official press release and all Website text to optimize SEO. 

Creative Writing

During my book publishing career, I began contributing to our company blogs. Eventually I became contributor and editor to four new blogs which increased traffic to our product website and increased our social media presence. We saw book sales being made on click-throughs from the blog and from our social media sites. I have also included some of my creative writing that I have had published and some I have been working on.


Keen is Green (now AdventureKeen) was started to bring awareness to environmental issues, including those tied to the publishing industry. I curated and created original content for this blog network as well as managed our interns in posting. 

READ: Circuital this piece was published in the 2016 edition of Loch Norse Magazine, a literary magazine. 


In my most recent academic years, I have written several essays and research papers that have been well received. I spend a lot of time pre-writing in my head and jotting down nonsensical notes before putting the metaphorical pen-to-paper. My best work has historically been done under pressure, and I use this sense of urgency to challenge myself. I am an extremely strong believer in proofreading my work at least twice.


READ: The Effects of Winterson's Written Gender Ambiguity on Readers - this research paper was published in Pentangle magazine.

READ: RSA International Zoho CRM Instruction Manual - I edited this manual with another classmate for a technical writing class. 

READ: Recommendation Report for Anderson's Music EmporiumI compiled research and set up a recommendation for this business as to which phones they should purchase for their sales representatives. 


Several years ago I became active in neighborhood issues, both social and political. I am passionate about where I live and the great things that we are so lucky to have happen here in the Greater Cincinnati area. I am also passionate about learning more and doing more about the issues at hand with a quickly developing urban core, especially in a city with such a strong history and hard past. I enjoy researching these issues, where they are rooted, and what parties are at play. The residents in our many unique neighborhoods have their own history to tell and it's great being able to sit down and hear some of their stories. 


READ: Saving Business Diversity in a Fast Developing OTR - this article about Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood was published in Streetvibes Fall 2014 issue. 


READ: Building a Community Within a Community - this article was published in Cincinnati's Streetvibes Fall 2014 issue.

These are just a few samples of my work. 
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