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Yoga selfies + #yogahashtags

Just a quick thought about yoga and social media... I was just scrolling through Instagram and realized that most of what I see, on my own feed and in the popular feed, is people posting crazy yoga poses. Most of these posts have one million hashtags and one hundred people tagged in the photo (like clothing companies, mat companies, other yogis, etc.). Most of these are competitions or challenges that really feel more head-to-head battle than like a sangha.

Now, I am really self conscious about my own practice and flexibility, even as a teacher. It's not that I care what other people think about me exactly, I just don't feel comfortable, or that it's even necessary, to put my practice out there on the Internet for everyone else to see and judge.

I know this is a pretty controversial topic in the yoga community and that a lot of people feel very strongly that sharing their practice through social media is inspiring. I don't disagree that that's out there!

What I would love to see (and do myself), would be for people to post less of the crazy balances or handstands or contorted postures and post more really inspiring things. Share your breathing exercises! Share your stories of overcoming anxiety or obesity or anger or sadness through yoga! Less brands and 'challenges,' more community. These are the things I think are inspiring and that some people are really good at out there.

Remember to breathe and connect. ​What are your thoughts?

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