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A New Year, A New Challenge

For the next several months, I will be using this blog as an outlet for one of my classes in school, Media Skills. This class is in the journalism department and is a fulfillment for my minor. For those that may read this and don't know much about me, I am a writing studies major and journalism minor at Northern Kentucky University. I will be graduating this May after an extremely long college journey.

I graduated high school in 2004 with a year of college already under my belt. I immediately began attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, as a music business major but quickly learned that Belmont was not the school for me. After I returned home, I gave school another try at University of Cincinnati as an English literature major and just couldn't find my groove. After working as a nanny for about a year, I was lucky enough to land a job at a mid-size book publishing company in the Cincinnati area, where I worked for just over seven years. I learned so much at this job about life, working in the real world, and most importantly, about the publishing industry. This knowledge eventually gave me the fire and drive to return to school and finally get my degree.

So that is how I got here to NKU and to this class where I hope to refresh my skills in multimedia journalism and publishing.

I'm hoping to talk to others in class this week to help figure out my focus for my blog. I am torn between wanting to cover feminism/women's empowerment and business development in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. I am passionate about both of these topics but I am open to changes throughout the semester.


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