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I've decided to do my profile article on Andrew Gomez, owner of Gomez Salsa which operates out of a small walk-up window in Over-the-Rhine. I sat down with Andrew last week and talked for about an hour. I got a lot of great material and plan to go back and film him in his brand new, second location that will be opening up this summer.

For me, this was my first real, serious interview with someone that I don't know very well. Granted, it was still pretty casual and easy because I know Andrew (because I work in Halfcut, which is attached to Gomez Salsa), but I only know him in a fleeting way. I prepared questions ahead of the interview and found that I didn't need to ask all the questions I had listed originally. My questions were open-ended and allowed for Andrew to move deeper into each subject/question that I anticipated. It was a really great interview.

My next task for this project is to interview a couple of people in his life. I plan to talk to several of his managers at Gomez Salsa and maybe an employee or two. From speaking with him, he considers his crew to be his family, blurring the lines between work and home balance. I am excited to finish this project!

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