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Josh Flohre, 32, of Ink & Hammer Mfg. Co. out of Dayton, Ohio, is an artist, custom sign maker, and all around hard worker. He spends most of his time on custom jobs around Cincinnati and Dayton, whether it is hand-painted signs or handmade tables for a restaurant.

Flohre of Ink & Hammer Mfg. Co. takes on custom sign jobs for restaurants, bars, boutiques, tattoo shops, and more. He spends hours and days on a project, providing high quality results that make a business's storefront stand out from the rest. Gold gilding, like the one in the window, is an age-old tradition of sign makers, although according to Flohre is almost a lost art that he says he is working to keep alive.

The stark white building that belongs to Cheapside at 326 E. 8th Street in downtown Cincinnati has its unique, hot pink signage thanks to Flohre of Ink & Hammer Mfg. Co. The bright color stands out on both the windows and the top of the building.

Flohre often works late into the night when he is in the middle of a project. "I want to get everything done and done perfect, so I focus on it until I can't see straight and have to call it a night," says Flohre. Even after a project is finished, he returns for touch-ups like this one at Robin McKerrell Photography in Over-the-Rhine. Hard work is something Flohre says is in his blood and will remain with him until his fingers no longer function.

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