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September is National Yoga Month

Designated by the Department of Health & Human Services, September is officially observed as National Yoga Month! It may seem as though everyone knows about yoga, especially with its recent rise in popularity, but there remains some folks who just don't know what it's all about. Now is the time to spread the word!

Not only does yoga stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and hone your focus, yoga has been known to have many other magical benefits:

  • relieves stress

  • improves posture

  • builds core strength

  • keeps your lungs healthy (when pranayama is practiced)

  • lowers blood pressure

  • makes you look and feel beautiful inside and out

This month you will find tons of free yoga and great yoga studio deals in your area. During the entire month of September, L.A. Fitness members can bring a friend for free to any yoga class! So grab your mat, grab a friend, and hit your mats to celebrate our healing practice and its special month!


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